Recent Press

Check out some of the recent press thats been coming in for "Wandering Feet"! For more, see my "Press" page. 

 “Each of these songs is a snapshot - perfect short stories, sung by a guileless, wounded angel. She's wise and surprised, thankful and injured, warm and resolved, all at the same time. Kayla does in four songs what some of us singer songwriters only feign in a full career. You'll say, ‘Man, where's she been all this time’. Never mind. She has arrived." - Vance Gilbert, 2012

“Kayla's new record is awesome. The songs are all solid and lovely with delicious melodies and quirky, meaningful lyrics. The production is gorgeous. I've listened to the cd many, many times over now and am enjoying it every time.” - Antje Duvekot, 2012

"On 'Juliette' she sings, 'Maybe it's time we let go' over slide guitar, in what turns out to be one of my favorite local songs of the year ("Nobody Knows" is pretty damn special, too)." -Chris Conti, Providence Phoenix, November 27th, 2012