New EP, "Grow On", is out!


In October 2019, I released a new EP entitled "Grow On"! 

I am excited to share some recent musings on this wild ride of life with you. In summary: growing up is horrible sometimes, and is also beautiful…

Back to School

Over the years, I have always balanced music with other pursuits and passions. After four years working full-time at a local food non-profit, where I was more likely to be seen with vegetables and farmers than musical instruments, I am…

New York, New York!

I'm psyched to be playing my first NYC show this weekend,
with two other amazing artists:
Arthur Lewis and Sarah Kay. 

Dorset, VT

New single "Dorset, VT" now available for download! 

Check here for download: 

Click here for video: 

Until September...

June was awesome. Here are some highlights. 


For July & August I'll be taking a bit of a break from gigging. More shows to come this fall! 

First shows outside the US of A!

 This June, Kayla will be venturing to Canada to play a couple shows in the Toronto area
with her friends Brydan Smith and Faye Blais. 

Check out Kayla's "Shows" page for all of the details!